Celebrating Birthday = Celebrating Life


Birthday is always a great moment to reflect on our life and I had quite a birthday this year! It all started early in the morning in Gdansk, Poland.

I had a meeting at 8:30 in the office and I knew that from 12:30 I will be on my way to Rotterdam in the Netherlands. At the office my employees had a surprise for me. Good start of a day.  Than I had some meetings, phone calls etc. Business as usual.

In the meantime, wishes and congratulations were pouring via mail, Facebook, LinkedIn, SMS, WhatsApp etc. At 12:30 I said goodbye to my employees and rushed to the airport. I needed to catch up a plain which should bring me to Warsaw. There I had an hour to transfer to another plane to fly to Amsterdam. In Amsterdam, a car was waiting for me to bring me home to celebrate birthday with my wife and kids. All well planned and organized…except for the weather. It was snowing both in Gdansk and Warsaw… Continue reading


We are all in a communication business

I am an investor. Most of the companies I invest in do have strong IT component. As you probably know IT people are not the best in communication.

About a week ago my business partner said something that stick to my mind. He said that we are in a communication business.

When I thought about it, I realized it is true not only for a business. I believe that our life is the communication business as communication is the way we translate our thoughts into something that can be received and understood by others. Continue reading


Isn’t it fascinating?

I think that we are witnessing a major shift in the political domain. I think that the old system shows clear cracks! Hopefully the era of “entertainment” like elections will soon fade away when voters will realize that voting is actually a serious business. That voting has an impact on our real life. I have a faith that the people can become once more the students of values not the followers of media. That the people will slowly realize, that we need someone who can see further than next election, more like next generation! Someone who enter the politics for the right reasons of serving fellow human beings and not protecting a political party or a financial establishment.

Continue reading

Goodchange Time

Time management?

Almost daily I am hearing people talking, asking questions and advising about “time management”. I know it is quite big issue as we want to be more productive (read valuable) and time for sure is an important asset.

However, I see a big danger in the way we associate word “time” with something that we can manage. It can give false hope and be misleading to many. Furthermore, it can be very costly for people who will not realize that time is something we can’t influence and manage.  At least not yet :)! Continue reading


Busy doing what?

Activity is a bridge between someone’s dream and its realization. Activity is the place where miracle happens.

Often we can’t control results, but we can and should control our activities. Anytime we start to do something we create a new reality, a new life. Labor can be painful and can be fatiguing, but there is no new life without labor pains and sweat!

However, we should be careful not to mistaken activities with progress. It is crucial that we know what we do and why we do it. It’s sounds logical, but I found out that it is not so clear to many people… Continue reading


The Right Attitude

Attitude is a settled way of thinking or feeling about someone or something, typically one that is reflected in a person’s behavior. Attitude is not only reflected in our behavior; it influences our behavior in dramatic way. Therefore, it is so important to be conscious about our attitude. If we have a wrong attitude our productivity will be decreased significantly, no matter what our skills are and how strong we want to produce. Continue reading