In April 2015, I had the privilege to spend some time with the famous motivational speaker, Mr. Les Brown. I was with Les and his team while he delivered one of his great speeches to more than twenty thousand people in Poznan, Poland. After his performance, we had some private time in his sky box in the stadium. While relaxing, and listening to other speakers, he asked me to tell him about myself. When I finished my story, he said:

“You are all about reinventing yourself.”

As usual, when I am confronted with something that I can’t fully understand, I started to ponder on what he said and what I said as well. I looked up the definition of “reinventing yourself.” The definition was:

“To change the way that you behave, or the things that you do, so that people think of you as a different kind of person.”

I went from college to prison; prison to university; single to married; married to single; and again from single to married. I also went from: a medical doctor and scientist to a businessman; a businessman to a physical worker and emigrant; a physical worker and emigrant to a salesman; a salesman to a consultant; a consultant to a programmer; a programmer to a manager; a manager to an entrepreneur; an entrepreneur to a speaker; from a speaker to an author…

Yes, Les Brown was right! I am all about reinventing myself, but aren’t we all the same? Aren’t we all reinventing ourselves all the time?

What I learned is that reinventing is nothing else but the result of activities which lead to change, and change is part of our life, whether we want it or not.

Mr. Les Brown, whose words inspired me to share my stories and use my voice will be in London on 20-01-2018. We met briefly and had very little time together, but it was his energy and the way he said,: “You have a story and you have a voice,” that made me think and made me believe that my story can matter. I can hear these words even now! If you want to meet him go to www.lesbrowninlondon.com ; Les Brown is a person to see and to listen to!

The Spring dreams…

Spring is a very special season. It is the season of new opportunities, new energy, new life! It is also the season of sowing and preparing for reaching to our dreams and goals! In the Spring my dreams and goals are waking up, are revitalizing. I see more chances and more ways to get there than I have seen in the Winter that just passed.

I like this Spring energy! I like that the days are getting longer, temperature is getting higher and everything in the Nature starts a new life cycle. Flowers and trees are waking up, everything is  more active and searching for the opportunities to expand. There is so much activities and energy in the Spring. The new opportunities present themselves and the new dreams and goals are being born or existing one are being energized. Continue reading

The fragile balance of freedom and democracy

On 15-3-2017 in the Netherlands 82% of people entitled to vote used their rights to elect a new country representation. The formation of a new government will take for a while, but majority of people all over the World have been enthusiastic to see that the populist and authoritarian party did not become the biggest one. Well done the Netherlands!

However, when we look carefully at the results of this election, what we can see is that the parties which actually did very good job in getting the Netherlands out of the crisis have been punished by voters. The populist party actually gained a few seats when comparing to the last election and the rest of the political environment become even more fragmented.

The question I am asking myself is, what is going on with our freedom and democracy? Continue reading

The light side of the force…

“In order for the light to shine so brightly, the darkness must be present.”

Francis Bacon

It seems to me that the drama of life take place between two opposites. There is light and there is darkness, there is good and there is evil…

Yes, night comes just after a good day ends, winter comes after the colours of autumn fade away and storm comes after we enjoyed a nice weather. This is how our Word works. It is not good, it is not bad. It is a fact. Continue reading

If you can’t change it, better learn to love it!

Work versus achievement

“Never mistake activity for achievement.”  John Wooden

It is crucial that we know what we do and why we do it. It’s sounds logical, but I found out that it is not so clear to many people… Often we can see good, hard-working people doing their best to produce things, that should not be produced at all. Things that have often opposite effect to one that was required or expected. Continue reading

The battle of opposites

It seems that the drama of life take place between two opposites. There is light and there is darkness, there is good and there is evil, there is motivation and there is demotivation, there is inspiration and there is desperation … In my opinion this is one of the most important lessons in our life. We should understand that we need both to enjoy the drama of life, to enjoy the journey. Even though often does not seems like this is the best way to us! Continue reading