Dreams and Goals

When your dreams and goals do not excite you, when your dreams and goals do not make you stand up early and stay up late, when your dreams and goals are not making of you different, better person… You do not have dreams and goals, you have just planned a day to work on somebodies else dreams and goals!

My body is the temple

The magic of dreams

Have you ever wondered how it is that some dreams come true and some just fade away? Have you ever experienced a dream come true?

I don’t know about you, but to me dreams are really fascinating! It seems to me that dreams have their own way which is difficult to explain and when I can’t explain something I call it magic!

I was 14 years old, living in the beautiful city of Gdansk in less than beautiful circumstances. Poland was ruled by a communistic power. Some of you might be familiar with these circumstances but for some of you this might be difficult to comprehend. One of the things was that we did not have a lot of freedom and we certainly did not have the freedom to travel abroad. We have been living in a huge prison, like birds in a cage…

I was always a curious child. I wanted to know! I wanted to experience. I wanted to know what the other countries looked like, how the people lived there, what were their dreams, what was important to them?

Back then the best way to get some knowledge was to read books. You see, travel books where not censored so much. Somehow the censorship could not see any harm in innocent travel books. Therefore, travel stories were my favorite to read. Especially books about sailing. Often while reading I closed my eyes and I could see myself on a yacht, sailing across an ocean, visiting interesting harbors and exotic countries.

With time my dreams become so real, so intense, so vivid that I could really see, feel, hear and smell all what was happening around me in my dream! In my mind there was no clear border between reality and my dream. One day I asked myself: could it happen to me, and then direct another question popped out: why not?

Little did I know what would happen next. This innocent question “why not?” triggered a sequence of events that till today is difficult for me to comprehend and for sure impossible to explain. One and a half-year later, on 15-meter-long yacht called Alf, I was leaving for my first sailing adventure, across Atlantic Ocean, around Iceland …I was just 16 years old… I don’t know how you would call it, but I call it magic.

Please think for a while about your life or the life of someone close to you. I am almost sure that when you will look carefully you will discover similar situations. Things that started as a dream and ended becoming reality, but when someone would ask you how did it happen, it is impossible to explain.

There are many books, workshops and seminars explaining the how to’s, the easiest ways and sure steps to make your dream come true, and I am sure that all of them have some value. But I was only 14 years old and I did not follow any of them. It all just happened to me.

Sometimes I wonder if I worked on my dream or my dream worked on me? Or maybe a little bit of both? Who knows…

Till today, the biggest value to me is the dream itself. This intense, real and vivid picture in my mind that is difficult to separate from reality. The sound of waves, the smell of water, the view of disappearing land in a misty air above the ocean. When you have such a dream and you believe that it can happen and you have faith that it can happen to you… well the chance is big that the Energy of the Universe will work its magic and soon you will find yourself sailing towards your new reality.

I don’t know the how to’s, I don’t know the easiest and the most certain ways, but I do know that dreams can come true! It happened to me more than once, it happened to many people around me so I am sure the magic can happen to anybody. The only thing we need to do is to allow ourselves to dream!

Happy New Year

May 2016 be the best year ever to all of us!

Tonight we will say farewell to 2015. It was a good year and I am grateful for all people who contributed to make this year so special to me.

Thank you for all the lessons you taught me, thank you for all the wisdom you passed to me and for all the experiences you made possible to me. I am for sure wiser and richer thanks to you all.

My wishes for 2016 to you and to myself are borrowed from Jim Rohn.

Let us be in 2016 thoughtful, but not lazy; kind, but not weak; bold, but not bully; strong, but not rude; humble, but not timid; proud, but not arrogant; funny but not foolish.

Happy New Year!

Goodchange Christmas

I like December!

I like December. It is a very special month and a very special time to me. A time of sharing, caring, giving and being there for each other.

Why is December so special to me? What makes it different from January or April? I believe that it is connected with a tradition I got from my home land and my parents’ house.

I remember when I was a child we did not have much at home. It seemed that the month was always a few days too long. I remember days when we did not have sufficient food. There was no money for nice toys or for fancy holidays. I usually wore secondhand clothes, often from my older sisters, which was not so much fun for a boy.

But when the end of November approached, all that didn’t matter! It became time to think about Christmas. No matter what, my parents have been committed to having a traditional Polish Christmas Eve. It is probably the most important holiday in Poland.

The preparation was quite intense. First of all, we needed to have 12 different dishes. All dishes should be without meat, which was not so easy in Poland. But we did have Carper, fish in a Greek sauce, vegetable salad, Kutia, Borscht with dumplings stuffed with mushrooms… No, not the mushrooms we know from Amsterdam, but real forest mushrooms.

Most of the time we could have 12 dishes, but in times when money was really short, we counted bread and pickles as a dish as well. In the end tradition was very important.

On the evening news, we have been following information about the status of the orange ship. Will the ship with Cuban oranges arrive on time? Cuban oranges were quite an important part of our celebrations. Only in December did we have the chance to taste oranges…

And of course we have been looking forward to gifts. Most of the time these gifts were some sweets and something very practical like socks or underwear.

But the most important was the 24th of December. In the morning we decorated our Christmas tree. Then we started to prepare the table. Under the table cloths there was always some hay. An extra dish and extra chair for an unexpected, lonely guest was added… Than we dressed up and we have been waiting for the first star to appear.

I was always worried when it was cloudy or snowy. What will happen if we won’t see any stars? Fortunately, my Mom could always spot a star. Even when I could not…

Just after spotting the star we moved towards the table where a special Christmas bread, which is only used for Christmas, was waiting for us. Each of us took a piece and standing around the table we have been waiting for my Mom to give a speech with wishes.

The wishes of my Mom were always positive and always big. Lots of health, plenty of joy, mountains of happiness and of course the fulfillment of all our dreams… Than it was time for the most important moment of the celebration; for the breaking and sharing of the bread and for giving wishes to each other.

I always tried to have different wishes for everybody. Something special for my Mom, my Dad and my Sisters. We shared bread together, we have been giving each other gifts and we really cared for each other.

Yes, December is a very special month to me. Even now when I have children and grandchildren of my own. Even while I live more than a 1000 km from my parents’ home, I still experience these special feelings. Feelings of sharing, caring, giving and being there for each other. And I must confess, it is a great feeling!

Therefore, today I would love to pass the same feeling to all of you and to wish for you to always have someone to share things with, someone to care about and someone who will care about you, to always have something to give and something to receive and the most important to always be there for each other.



Paris, the city of life, music, culture, food, love. City as multicultural as you can only imagine. Last year we have been there for Christmas with my family. Fabulous time!

Today Paris is all over the news. It is not news of life, music, culture, food, love. The news is about death and terror.

I feel sad and my thoughts are with all the innocent people who are not with us anymore and with the families and close relations, who will have to go further through life without them. All innocent people, no matter of color, religion, culture…

In my life philosophy I am always trying to look for good, even in events that are evil, negative. I must say that it is not easy today. What can be good in fact that a few lost souls indoctrinated by another few, whose values and goals are unclear, travel to one of the most beautiful cities in the World to kill many innocent people? This evaluation will have to wait till my sadness will weaken.

What it shows clearly is the well-known fight of opposites, the drama of life which takes place between the opposites. Les Brown said this well. “Life is a constant fight for territory. Once you stop fighting for what you want, what you don’t want will automatically take over”.

We can’t take health for granted as sickness is just around the corner, we can’t take good for granted as evil is just around the corner we can’t take life for granted as death is just around the corner…

Two days ago I wrote in the contexts of solving family conflicts that we should act according to 3 virtues: integrity, respect and love. Integrity requires from us to keep our values, respect requires from us to accept that other can have different values and love should help us to build the bridge which will allow us to have relation despite of differences. Wouldn’t it be great if we will learn to solve the conflicts based on these virtues?

But what to do if there is disrespect in place of respect and there is hate in place of love?

We have both right and responsibility to protect ourselves and our values, but we need to be careful.

In Poland we have a proverb: “he who lives by the sword shall die by the sword”. Therefore, we should beware of what we become while pursuing what we want to achieve!

Today my thoughts are with people of Paris. However, I am sure that this tragic event will not break down the city. In the end Paris will become even more the city of life, music, culture, food, love. City where people like my family will have fabulous time.